The Diggers & Dealers Ball

  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Size: 1.53m x 1.22m
  • Price: SOLD
  • Description: THE DIGGERS & DEALERS BALL Mining in West Australia, its sustainability and social impact has captured my imagination at the moment. It bothers me that this state has such a two speed economy, mining is a juggernaut in top gear widening the gap between the rest of us who are trying to kick start our mopeds in a futile attempt to catch up. Too harsh you say, miners are such an easy target well the inconvenient truth is that in 2009-10 the mining and energy sector was worth $70.9b, and iron ore sales alone were 33.8b and i have not seen any sort of social dividend for us who after all jointly own those resources .All we get is deteriorating social infrastructure such as roads hospitals and schools and a Federal government too afraid to act. So for this painting I have imagined The Diggers & Dealers Ball where the states resources are depicted as an all you can extract buffet ordinary folk such as you and I are the galahs honest loyal, but far too trusting and easily addicted to short term gain in order to fund our modest dreams. The biggest miners are the diggers eager to stake their claim on the buffet with Jurassic intent, the slick suits give them a veneer of respectability as they draw us in with rhetoric and empty promises drawn up by sharp eyed lawyers .Smaller miners in ill fitting suits creep around the edges hoping to snare an investor or stake a claim. Previous buffets litter the landscape like a moveable feast illuminated by Nolanesque heads .Anyone who questions the miners is taken Rudd like to the altar of exploration( the bar) and threatened into submission ,and ironically of course this whole event takes place under a canopy of stars where we and all our mineral wealth came from in the first place. LAURIE POSA