The Big Galah

  • Medium: Oil on Linen
  • Size: 1.22m x 0.92m
  • Price: SOLD
  • Description: THE BIG GALAH Its the Austrailian way...when a small regional town needs the tourist dollar they get a bunch of farmers with overactive imaginations and a passion for welding combined with a rotary type club who can find a fabricator and fundraise and before you know it you can have anything from the big Dunny, the big Prawn, to the big Galah ( as in Kimba Sth Austrailia). I have made my big Galah as realistic as possible to illustrate its beauty albeit sad, rusty and impaled on the need to build monuments to precast concrete and fibreglass. The irony is these monuments are very popular people just love a photo with a bird that wont fly away and comes with all types of hilarious coffee cups and tshirts. They do not seem to notice the real thing is just metres away in the bush and if they took the time a lot could be learnt about the habitat and potential loss of many species of cockatoos as symbolized by my deteriorating sad galah and perhaps the child entering the base of the galah with his dad can see a real cockatoo when he grows up. But I don’t think the people with Armchair Tours are up for that today, its back to the bus and off to the servo for breakfast. I can just about smell the beans and bacon, sometimes I wonder who the real galahs are?. Laurie Posa