Land, Sea and Sky series

  • Medium: Slumped and fused Glass
  • Size: Assorted
  • Price: From $88 - $330
  • Description: These glass pieces are inspired by the sea, the black night sky, and the land…the vanilla and silver inserts. The inserts are fine silver fired over vanilla glass with a sprinkling of crushed pale aqua glass randomly added. The silver on the vanilla makes a completely different pattern with each piece. There is no way I can completely control what the final result will be. I love this nature. The cracking and colour changes in the vanilla glass look like patterns in the sand or earth. It even reminds me of views I have seen while flying over our big sunburnt country! The squiggly lines are hand pulled glass stringers which I twist to a random design. I like the way these lines interact with the simple solid colours of the glass. They are like comet trails or roads, etc. Again completely random. Cindy Durant