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‘Artist of the month’ – who will be here and when?

January 22, 2014

Deborah Zibah & Wayne Jeffery will be our joint April 2014 artists of the month.
Deborah Zibah’s work exudes strong form, with no apologies for the intensity of colour bombarding the viewers’ senses. There is a constant longing to experiment with new materials, to discover new concepts and fuelled impetuousness as each boundary is blistered and fresh ground is ravished. It is her passion, her love and what she does best.

Wayne Jeffery since childhood, Wayne has developed a passion for many forms of art – sculpture, drawing and oil painting. He received his first commission for oil paintings at the age of 23 in 1989, which began his focus on his art career.
After developing his skills in iron work, he discovered a rare talent and a love of consulting with clients, to design and fabricate unique pieces to suit the architecture of clients’ homes. Wayne’s fine artworks mainly reflect Australian animals and natural settings.
These works are built from mainly recycled steel.