Commission & Design Furniture

As a result of 25 years of designing and making limited edition furniture pieces, Boranup Gallery has an extensive photo archive on our website.

Start by perusing the designs that are close to your requirements, noting the attributes and names of each piece that appeals.

Measure the area for the intended piece to reside and then mark and measure a proposed size for this piece. Remember the sizes given on our website often can be varied without compromising that design.

Timber type, be aware that varying timber types used can greatly enhance the character of a building. For example we have used seven different species in the construction of the gallery and it is that which helps create the character of that building.

Timber selection can also be complimented by floor and window furnishings so look at the big picture as the situation of a piece can influence timber selections. Send us images if you need advice.

Function versus form, is it an artistic statement you are wishing to create or is there a definite function of this piece. The more information you supply us the easier for us to fulfil your dream. So feed us sizes of what you wish to fit within or seat around.

Drawings are the next step which we charge $250 per design refunded on placing the order. We will supply plan drawings for your acceptance or modification until we get it right. Once this is achieved we will provide you with a firm quote together with freight charges if applicable and an estimation of delivery times.

Placing your order is completed by written acceptance of the quote and design. The payment of a 50% deposit at this time officially places your commission in the queue and full balance of payment will be called prior to delivery. We can supply photos of the finished piece at this point.

Payment options

Please see Payment information under resources.

The colour of Jarrah ranges from a rich reddish brown to a soft salmon pink. The full natural colour spectrum is blended together in our furniture.