Malcolm Nash

Malcolm moved to Tasmania in 1986. Soon thereafter he took up residence in the picturesque Huon Valley about 60km South of Hobart, where he met an old woodturner and started salvaging special species timber from clear felled logging coupes.

He was totally amazed by what he saw, the magnificent colours and grains just shone out. This was residue left behind to rot or burn so any use that could be found for it was a bonus.

Malcolm started woodturning but found it wasteful of the timber as most of it ended up as shavings on the workshop floor so he started experimenting on his bandsaw. He knew the basic principle of bandsawn boxes so it became more an exercise in shape and form. The first shape he cut was the wave topped box and he found it was a really aesthetically pleasing shape.

Very little of the timber Malcolm salvages is thrown away..

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