Barricka Turning


Barry’s passion for carving wood started years ago, using one of the worlds’s most beautiful and ancient timbers. He creates urns each with there own individual characteristics, each piece of work has a uniqueness, which is no doubt why his work is enjoyed by so many.

Currently, his workshop is in the South West of Western Australia, heartland of the statuesque, unique hardwood forests of Jarrah, which he salvages from the fallen timber on farms and the forest floor.

His works have been enthusiastically sought after both nationally and internationally, with the larger portion being collected by clients from overseas

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Title : Jarrah Squat Urn

Artist : Barricka Turning

Medium : Jarrah

Size : 0.94m x 0.47m x 0.47m

Price : SOLD

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Title : Marri Feature Urn

Artist : Barricka Turning

Medium : Marri

Size : 1.57m x 0.80m x 0.80m

Price : $10085.00

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