Anthony Hoffrichter

For most of Anthony’s working life he has been a boat builder, building mainly large offshore powerboats.

Then in 1993 the company for whom he worked ceased trading and he found himself unemployed. He started a business repairing boats on-site; not much fun laying underneath a boat in the middle of a Melbourne winter trying to repair it.

He has always been interested in wood, its colours and grain patterns, and during his time as a boat builder he worked with many beautiful timbers, learning the importance of different joints. During this time Anthony built his first jewellery box, which he gave to his wife as a birthday gift. A friend saw the box and commissioned him to build a similar one. Other people saw that box and asked Anthony to build boxes for them. In turn, he built more boxes and did less boat repairs, and in 1994 became a full time box maker.

Anthony started out working from home in his garage, but soon ran out of space (” I can’t resist buying beautiful or unusual timbers “) and moved to rented premises. Five years on and he really missed working from home so he started looking for a place to combine home and his workshop.

Australia is well endowed with a large range of beautiful timbers, which enables Anthony to offer his customers a variety of designs in striking grain patterns and colours. “I hope owning one of these boxes gives my customers as much pleasure as I have had creating them.”

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Title : Huon Pine Jewellery Box

Artist : Anthony Hoffrichter

Medium : Huon Pine, Ebony, Holly, Kingwood, Jarrah & Abalone Shell

Size : 43cm x 28cm x 13cm

Price : $4,250

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Title : Jarrah Burlwood inlaid box

Artist : Anthony Hoffrichter

Medium : Jarrah, Burlwood, Huon & Shell

Size : 38cm x 28cm x 13cm

Price : SOLD

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