Steve Sheehan

Steven Sheehan was born in London in 1956 and moved to Australia in 1962 with his parents. After three years the family returned to the family homeland of Wales. Raised and educated in Wales, Steve went to the Swansea College of Art to complete City and Guilds in Graphic Design. A career in advertising beckoned but when an opportunity to return to Australia presented itself. Steve and his new wife accepted and after five years in Sydney decided to venture to the West. Steve and his growing family found themselves in the Pilbara town of Newman. It was here that Steve discovered the unique landscape.

Having a lifelong interest in Drawing and Painting Steve was enraptured by the scenery, red gorges, ancient ranges, dry and flooded waterways, ghost gums, spinifex and the way the light fell on the terrain. Steve furthered his formal education in Newman with Art and Design at Newman College and formed the Newman Art society.

After six years the family moved to Bunbury, a coastal town 200k south of Perth, change of scenery but art was never far and a completion of Advanced Certificate in Art and Design and Diploma in Art furthered his formal qualifications.

Steve and his family still reside in Bunbury where his time is devoted to his family and his frequent expeditions to the landscape he loves.

I have had a lifelong interest in Art, my earliest recollections are of drawing and looking at everything with a keen interest. This is common enough for all children but as we grow older interest wanes as we engage in other experiences.

For me, whilst engaging in the experiences of life I never stopped my exploration of the world through art. Art in its purest form is language, a way to express, explain and communicate one’s experiences through life. Artists adopt a range of forms, dance, music, poetry, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and film and theatre. My chosen form is drawing and painting.

Technique, I prefer to work in oils, it has taken many years to gain some mastery over this medium. From glazing, thin application, thick application, knife, brushwork, colour mixing and a choice of supports there has been many mishaps over the years. Whilst it is desirable for mastery I also believe a painting, like other art forms to be effective it should have good design, sound drawing skills and constant planning can never be underestimated.

In recent years I have enjoyed the West Australian Landscape, from rugged coastlines to rugged outback scenery, intense light and extreme weather makes recipes for dramatic scenes. It is this drama which captures my imagination and my passion to recreate. A return to the drama in one’s life, the ebbs and flows of human experience no doubt. I strive to put the viewer in the place where I stood and contemplated the simplicity and majesty of the landscape, a reflection of our connection and place in our environment.

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