Jenny Taylor

Born in Wallsend, in the Nth East of England, in 1950 the youngest of three daughters. Showed an interest in art from a very early age and fought the education system to enter Art College (now Newcastle University) at the age of 16 instead of 18, resulting in a degree in Interior design.

Immigrated to Perth, Australia in 1971. In those days being an interior designer, was considered a male profession, but through sheer persistence, Jenny managed to steer a career course designing the interiors for many well known business people, hotels and offices until 1985, when she gave it all up to run a craft centre with her husband in the South West.

In 1998, Jenny made the decision to work full time at her art.

Today Jenny is divorced and alternates between her studio/gallery at a resort in Busselton and doing interior designing for selected clients.

Major artistic achievements
First art award aged 4, Winner Womans Weekly art award aged 7, Winner Brook Bond art prize U.K, Winner National Safety prize U.K, Winner National Libraries poster prize, First solo exhibition Newcastle UK aged 16, Winner Donnybrook Pastel prize 1998, Artworks selected for the South West Health Campus Bunbury 1998.

Major art exhibitions
The Old Cheese Factory 1986, 1987, 1988 & 1994 The Bay Gallery of Fine Arts, Perth 1989
Gallery Two, Perth 1990 & 1991 Westmall Gallery, Perth 1990 & 1991
The Burswood Resort Hotel, Perth 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 & 1996 Rics Gallery, Perth 1994
The Extravaganza Gallery, Albany 1995 Garden City, Perth 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995

Personal word from Jenny Taylor:-
Painting is my passion. Without the outlet of this creativity, I am lost. I love spending special time with my son and working in my garden, but there is an indescribable feeling when working at my easel.
I am blessed with an imagination that never ceases to amaze even myself. The ideas never cease to come and can sometimes cause trauma when trying to create one piece of work, I long to start on the next idea. The only works derived from photographs are the old farm buildings and houses.
I am a quiet, peaceful person, I love colour and always endeavour to blend colours to create a harmonious painting that will evoke the feeling of peace, happiness, love or humour, whichever the subject matter may be. My special use of texture adds another diversity to the total effect.
The love for a painting is a very personal feeling for the viewer, it cannot be instilled, it either appeals or it doesn’t. No painting ever leaves my studio, that I would not be happy to hang on my own walls.
I keep a photographic record of most of my work for future reference, however photographs do not do justice to my colours or to the size of the work. I have never been limited by size, the largest artwork I completed was 19 metres long for a restaurant. I work in oil, pastel, water-colour and gouche and all works are completed in the best quality materials and guaranteed.
I have developed some of my art into a print range, of which I mostly retain the originals. I am also currently investigating the use of my art in the home, in useable objects.
My work features in many commercial developments and homes throughout Australia, New Zealand, U.K, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Germany, Switzerland, France & The Channel Islands.

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Title : George forgot to separate the whites again!

Artist : Jenny Taylor

Medium : Oil on board

Size : 0.88m x 0.64m Framed

Price : $1,950

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