Jacqui Brown

Born: 25th of May 1964 in Sussex, England and moved to Perth in 1971.

Education: TAE Margaret River, plus 3 years study at TAFE in sculpture, drawing and painting.

After her TAE studies, Jacqueline travelled around the coast of Australia with her husband for a year.

Jacqueline combines raising two sons with painting and through her art tries to bring people closer to nature and closer to noticing the magic around them.

She lived for many years amongst the elements in the bush, which is where her ideas have developed. She has a strong love for nature and respects its power with awe.

A keen surfer, Jacqueline has witnessed this power in its purest form. Painting is a release for her feelings of this.

She sees her work as allowing a glimpse of the magic that our busy world has forgotten about. Jacqueline hopes her paintings inspire people’s appreciation and respect for nature, so they’ll want to preserve it more.

“It should arouse your emotions and leave a lasting impression”

Awards: 1981 TAE Art Award

1987/89 M/River Bicentennial Art Exhibition
Best local Resident in Acrylic

Exhibitions: 1987/89/91 M/River Bicentennial Art Exhibition
(Group) 1993 Margaret River Art Gallery – Erotica Exhibition
1993 Boranup Gallery, Flame Tree Restaurant & Colonial Motel
1994 Margaret River Gallery – Solo
1996 Underwater World – Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Erotica – Yamminee Gallery, Fremantle Gallery & The Fairy Shop
1996 Yamminee Gallery – Solo
1996/02 Exhibited all local art exhibitions

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Title : The Box

Artist : Jacqui Brown

Medium : Sealed Acrylic

Size : 1.50m x 0.40m x 0.50m

Price : $1,215

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