Colin Atkins

Colin Atkins was born in England in 1949 and immigrated to Perth at the age of 10. He was already keen on drawing and painting, absorbing anything that had to do with art.

It was around his fifteenth birthday that he obtained his first guitar which has led him to a long involvement in music. The passion for art and music grew and through the sixties, Colin began painting surrealistic art, being a great admirer of Dali.

Colin combined his art and playing music in various bands as a bass guitarist up until the late seventies, when Colin opened his own gallery in Northbridge, Perth. He sold paintings to companies and private collectors both here and overseas.

Today Colin covers most styles in his work, form Impressionist Landscapes, Portraiture, Murals, Copies and Restorations.

In the mid 80’s Colin started touring, – Europe, England, Japan, and America, exhibiting and performing his famous speed paintings, which he is now world renowned for.

Colin is a leading West Australian Artist whose works are represented in collections through South East Asia and the United States.

Already well established locally and throughout Australia, the clientele of Colin includes some of this country’s major corporate and industrial organisations. These organisations have identified the value, both in aesthetic and investment terms, of his works.

Growing international recognition will mean that works by Colin Atkins, will be highly prized collectors items.

‘The Kingdom Of The Tingle’ by Will Taylor – illustrated by Colin Atkins

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Title : Desert Hunt

Artist : Colin Atkins

Medium : Oil on canvas

Size : 0.91m x 1.16m Framed

Price : $3950.00

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Title : Uluru Corroborree

Artist : Colin Atkins

Medium : Oil on canvas

Size : 1.38m x 1.08m Framed

Price : SOLD

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