Cindy-Anne Wright


Where I come from ~ I’m a self-taught artist and who has been surrounded by art and craft all my life. Born into a very creative and artistic family I was encouraged to try a bit of everything which has enabled me to be adventurous in trying different mediums and techniques & not to be afraid of trying new things but to go with the adventure and see where it takes me. I’m lucky enough to be married to a very creative man who encourages my progressing art work and allows me “to be me” hence, there is no lack of passion in what I try to achieve.

Where I’ve been ~ Over the years I have worked with mainly textiles and oil paints, my artworks have been sold though exhibitions, the internet and gallery gift stores in Vancouver and Australia. Over the last two years my main focus has been to master my acrylic painting & texture ability. The later part of my artistic journey was greatly inspired by running programs in a beautiful art room space for special needs folk. I have learnt so much from this wonderful group who have no boundaries or pretences and who just paint from within.

Where I’m going ~ I find myself always pushing my boundaries and my comfort zone, mixing it up a little with mixed media. The different textures and effects in my paintings are the feeling and energy that I want to flow through my work. Currently I am running painting and textile workshops from my art studio in Mandurah, WA.

Whatever work I do or try will always be interrupted with sunflowers or poppies, two prominent flowers that my mother (who has now passed) always grew in her ever enchanted garden. They make me feel happy and free and close to her as she joins me on every step of my journey through life.

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