Justin Webb

Justin Webb is a metal artist living in a place nestled in the “Magic” Boranup Forrest in Margaret River, where he creates unique metal Art.

While working at his trade, in the metal industries – Justin would look in the scrap steel workshop bins and see shapes of things in the steel. It wasn’t until explaining what was in his head (he got many funny looks) that people would start to understand, the need he had to start sculpting.

Noticing many rusting relics laying around the scrap yards, auctions and farms, Justin felt it a real shame, that these pieces of history, would soon all be demolished, as the scrapmen where grabbing everything they could and destroying them, along with all the other discarded metal relics they could muster.

“I found these shapes interesting and beautiful in their own way. I want to use them in my sculptures, with the aim of respecting them for the work they’ve done in the past – my way of “Honouring, Metal in Art”

So…he decided to save them (well, as many pieces as he could) and started piecing them together. That’s when he really started to realise his passion for creating steel sculptures using mainly old farm machinery implements and metal pieces.

Longing to get into art at a more serious level, Justin chose Boranup Forest with its tranquil surrounds, as the perfect getaway for letting his creative juices run free.

Everything Justin now makes, is made from 100% recycled material. Great care and creativity is put into every piece – Most of the time a single item will inspire a whole sculpture.

“I don’t make the piece for the sculpture it has to fit like its a puzzle”

Signing all his sculptures with WEBB, he also try’s to put a steel “WEBB” somewhere on the base.

Quality is always Justin’s top priority.

Different finishes are available but Justin prefers clear acrylic (5 coats) as this protects the buff finish and shows the metal in all its glory! He also try’s not to manipulate the individual pieces too much, as these parts have worked hard to get their wear and damage, and that way, he can keep each pieces integrity intact! As history has it, many of these parts have helped to feed Australia and the rest of the world and Justin believes this to be another reason, why this metal must be saved in art.

“By making sculptures out of these old treasures I will hopefully save them from the scrapman and they will be here for generations to come”

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Title : Tension Bird & Pointy Bird

Artist : Justin Webb

Medium : Rare Farm Implements

Size : approx. 1.1m tall

Price : $785ea - SOLD

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Title : Blade Bird

Artist : Justin Webb

Medium : Rare Farm Implements

Size : 39cm x 19cm x 64cm (h)

Price : $1,475

Sale : 40% OFF

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Title : Double Clutch Bird

Artist : Justin Webb

Medium : Rare Farm Implements

Size : 0.90m x 1.2m x 0.25m

Price : SOLD

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