Laszlo & Julie Biro


Glassware from Inspirit Glass Design is a marriage of colour and light designed by partners Julie and Laszlo.

The spirit of nature with its infinite shapes, rhythms and textures inspires their creations.

Each piece is individually hand crafted at their studio, which is nestled in the hills surrounding Melbourne.

Laszlo takes his inspiration from the immediate environment of their home, nestled in the bush nearby and combines it with his sculptural background and Julie’s insights.

They say ‘ travel broadens the mind’. In Julie’s case her travels around Australia, broadens her creative horizons and gives birth to the many images they create.

Laszlo’s sculptural & European background adds that extra touch to transmute light into glass combining it with technical integrity to complete each final piece.

Each piece is designed to bring light, colour and the spirit of nature into the home environment.

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Title : Stingray – Large

Artist : Laszlo & Julie Biro

Medium : Slumped Glass

Size : approx. 38cm x 42cm

Price : $235.00

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Title : Gum Sunrise Vase

Artist : Laszlo & Julie Biro

Medium : Slumped Glass

Size : 28cm x 9.5cm x 26cm

Price : $207.00

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