Angus McKenzie


Born in 1949. After a varied career including stints in agriculture, pig farming, truck driving, retail sales, the British Army, the Australian Special Air Service Regiment, prospecting and merchandising, I found myself in Denmark WA owning a cattle farm and then moving to Queensland in 2007.

I became interested in and involved with the arts as a helper, a mover and an observer.

I built the Edge Gallery on the farm in Denmark in 1996 with ceramicist Melanie McKenzie, establishing the first contemporary gallery in this region.

I discovered a latent interest in glass in 2000. After extensive research I decided that I would become a ‘warm glass’ artist. So I ordered my kiln and set off to Perth to do a three day one on one workshop. On returning I just got stuck into it, and now my kiln is very seldom off. Continually experimenting and evolving techniques to assist in the exploration and development of design ideas, glass allows me to express and interpret the world as I see it.

“Glass is my passion. I just love the way light passes through it or bounces off it. There is an exciting range of colours to work with and there are so many textural qualities to explore. Unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day. Constantly thinking of new designs and combinations of colour, I am always planning firings weeks in advance.

“There are so many stories to tell in glass and I often introduce some humour into my pieces. Bubbles tickle my fancy and this allows me to introduce them in a textural form in my ‘float glass’ series.

“From simple forms in clear glass, through to colourful/functional art pieces and major wall hangings, I just love the challenge that each day brings. My big secret; I’m having fun.”

Other positions:

1999 – 2001 Committee chairman of the steering committee for the Regional Arts Development and
Marketing Organisation (Great Southern Region).
2001 – 2002 Curator of the Denmark Agricultural Show – art section.
2001 President of Art South WA, Inc, & the peak arts/crafts organisation in the Great Southern.
2003 Coordinator of the ‘Southern Art and Craft Trail’, bringing together 36 exhibitions and open
studios for the school holiday period 27 September to 12 October 2003.
2003 Coordinator, the Regional Art and Craft Map bringing together 40 galleries and studios open
to the public on the one map.


2003 Solo exhibition at the Edge Gallery to coincide with the National Glass Conference in Perth.
2003 York Art awards glass section.
2003 Contributing artist for the Denmark Timor Appeal.
2003 Participant in the Southern Art and Craft Trail.
2004 February. Artist in Focus. The Fremantle Art Gallery art shop.


2001 Guest speaker at the Bunbury Catholic College ‘Extravaganza’.
2001 Officially launched the Artsouthwa Inc web-site.
2003 Officially opened the ‘Southern Art and Craft Trail’.


1996 Edge Gallery featured in series ‘New Horizons-our WA’, TVW 7.
1997 Edge Gallery featured in series ‘Postcards’, Channel 9.
1999 Edge Gallery featured in ‘Best Of Postcards’.
2001 Edge Gallery featured in ‘Fresh Horizons Our WA, Channel 7.

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Title : Koi in the pond

Artist : Angus McKenzie

Medium : Slumped Glass

Size : 29cm x 29cm x 4cm

Price : $169.00

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Title : Koi in the weedy depths

Artist : Angus McKenzie

Medium : Slumped Glass

Size : 29cm x 29cm x 4cm

Price : $145.00

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