The Gallery has numerous artists who can satisfy clients’ special creative needs and are very capable in painting figurative, land and seascapes, either in traditional or impressionistic styles.

The process involves the artist and the Gallery liaising closely with you, the client, to clearly ascertain the brief, and depending on the complexity and the budget, mock-ups or sketches may be developed (at an additional cost) as part of the creative concept approval process.

A commencing deposit of 40% of the final quoted amount will be invoiced and paid prior to the commencement of the project. Lead times for the delivery of either the concepts or finished artworks depend on the complexity and the individual artist’s workloads.


Extended Payment Terms

Boranup Gallery offers extended payment terms whereby clients are able to ease their budgetary challenges through extending their payments over three months. At the time of purchase we ask clients to pay a first payment of 40% of the price of the artwork and provide a current credit card.

Our administration office will draw down the balance from the credit card, over three equal amounts, interest-free and organise to deliver it.


Most exports of goods and services from Australia are GST-free.

GST-free exports comprise of goods physically exported from Australia.

Items exported will be GST-free if they are exported before or within 60 days of the date on which the final instalment is paid.

So if you are wishing to send artwork overseas, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be removed in most instances.


Boranup Galleries has proudly sent artworks to destinations all over the world.

In order to ensure that artwork arrives in a safe and timely manner, Boranup Galleries has forged alliances with specialty freight on forwarders and packing services. These services also provide advice on insurance.