Gallery Display

Boranup Gallery presents the skill & works of Australia’s leading designer/makers and artists, and pride in the incredible variety and beauty of the artworks within.

Boranup offers a unique visual experience, beginning with a mystical drive through the surrounding karri Forest that opens to reveal the rammed earth gallery with its towering cathedral style roof dwarfed by the Karri backdrop.

On entering the gallery for the first time, the senses are overwhelmed by the smells of the timbers and finishes… before the eyes focus on the kaleidoscope of colours created by the different coloured timbers starting at the ground and finishing high up in the roof beams with every conceivable colour in between created cleverly by the 100’s of artists weaving their magic.

It is at this point that our friendly and knowledgeable staff allows you to catch your breath before greeting and proudly announcing that every one of the spectacular furniture pieces displayed is actually designed and lovingly handcrafted by the Boranup team on-site.

It is a close and proud team that has been collaborating with each other for nearly two decades to evolve the diversity of designs and displays showcased throughout the gallery. I say collaborate because it grows from the seed and input from our clients to Gi’ Nelle’s enthusiasm to merge designs on the computer then James’ visions are imputed and drawn then a heads up with Colin the leading craftsmen results in finalisation of yet another Boranup masterpiece. The teamwork then steps up with the freight and insurance to be organised, timber selected and dried then crafted to the chosen design and finally it goes through the many polishing processes that collectively defines who we are.

This process began in 1987 and has seen our furniture go to nearly every corner of the world. we have come to realise that this experience we offer combined with our access to wonderful solid timbers has made what we do at Boranup extremely unique in the world that no one could ever replicate.

Artists have been drawn to this unique presentation of immaculately presented workmanship and strived to become involved so today the gallery presents Australia’s finest artists working in an amazing range of mediums all proud of the levels they have influenced each other to attain. The rest of the Boranup team work tirelessly on the presentation of these works, updating websites satisfying collectors and corporate purchases and doing the less glamorous accounting.

The constant words of praise, feedback and support from both our thousands of visitors as well as industry colleagues, together with our work commitments dedicated to this cause, gives us little time to seek recognition elsewhere for our achievements. We did find time on one occasion to enter the Sir David Brand Tourism awards in the “Most Significant Local Attraction” category where we came runner up to Burswood Casino/resort.

Boranup Gallery is a model for sustainable Australian Tourism.

Open 7 days a week, 364 days a year for 20 years, Boranup gallery promotes, exhibits and retails Australian made furniture, woodcraft, gifts, sculpture and fine art..