Care & Maintenance

Boranup Furniture prides itself on using wide cuts of mature timbers rich in colour and character. Often these timbers are salvaged from the forest floor and have natural gum pockets, knots, and other natural blemishes that occur due to periods of stress in the trees long life. These blemishes are restored and stabilised using epoxy resin adhesive fillers.

It is not uncommon for a dual or single slab dining table to expand and contract up to 15mm in a season. This natural expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes can put a squeeze on fillers, causing minute subsiding or bulging depending on the season. This can be noticeable on horizontal surfaces depending on the angle of lighting and viewing.

This is not a defect but a natural occurrence that in nature can be observed by gum bleeding from a tree. This surface rippling effect a product of the environment influenced by the stability of the environment in which the furniture is housed.

Care & Protection of Boranup Furniture

We recommend the wet and dry technique.
Which is, simply wipe with a slightly damp soapy cloth and dry with a soft buffing cloth.

Timber surfaces and coatings are not heat proof, so heat resistant placemats should be used for hot beverages and dishes.

Do not apply waxes or polish to the furniture, as this builds up over time and dulls that finish.

Furniture is relatively easy and affordable to respray, so we recommend using and appreciating your Boranup Furniture. If over time it becomes marked, remember it can be restored to new condition in a short amount of time. Tabletops for example, cost around $500 to re-polish, depending on the size and the extent of any marks.

Please note that extreme sunlight can be hazardous to your furniture. Jarrah when exposed to high levels of light in well-lit rooms may fade over time. (Marri is not susceptible).
It is a costly exercise to refurbish a table that has endured sun damage, as all the lacquer needs to be removed and the faded surface sanded back in preparation for complete re-finishing. It is therefore recommended in summer months, that window treatments be used to avoid high levels of light.


(please note other items sold in the gallery may have a different finish)

Your piece of Boranup Furniture has been specifically crafted and finished with the highest quality and most environmentally friendly products on the Australian Market.

It has been given a protective Two-Pack Acid-curing coating – DM307, manufactured by Becker Acroma the leading supplier of wood finishing products to the European market.

Two pack coatings use a hardening agent that gives excellent durability, improved scratch resistancy and long lasting appeal.

This environmentally friendly coating is much safer for you and enhances the look, feel and durability of the finished piece. Becker Acroma as a Swedish based company, has had to confirm to the strictest of health and environmental standards. Consequently their extensive Research and Development programs have developed products that are extremely low in emissions.

High quality, attractive, protective and durably finished furniture!
Simple maintenance and cleaning.

Beckers Acroma, a high tech two pack lacquer from Sweden that is tough and durable and now available in most countries around the world.

Warranty Information

Boranup furniture has a “no nonsense” three year warranty, against any defects in timber or hardware.

Boranup Furniture is made from the highest quality West Australian timbers, KILN DRIED to 12% moisture content. We use traditional joinery techniques that are time proven and the latest epoxy resin adhesive technology.

Boranup Gallery stands by its own label furniture with a structural warranty and prides itself on the quality and longevity of each piece. In the event of structural failure the product must be returned and collected from Boranup Gallery at the customer’s expense where we will be happy to repair any structural failure. We will also be happy to help coordinate the return of your piece to our workshop.

In the event of structural failure on pieces interstate or overseas, we shall endeavour to source materials and tradesmen locally to facilitate repairs. We will meet the cost of materials (including freight for materials to the place of repair) as well as provide advice to the repairer. The purchaser will meet Labour costs.
In saying this, we are proud of our back up service and record and will strive to repair any defects with minimal cost to the purchaser.

Timber Cracking
Purchasers need to acknowledge that they are buying an organic product that expands and contracts with atmospheric conditions, therefore stability of the temperatures where your piece resides will help preserve the integrity of the timber and joinery.
We do our utmost to provide stable timber by selecting, storing, kiln drying and machining of all timber ourselves and construction of our pieces to allow for natural timber movement.
We can not be held liable for timber cracking due to the many other variables outside our control but in all instances we will assist in the restoration of any problem pieces at minimum costs with maximum efficiency.

Boranup Gallery will not accept responsibility in any way for damage caused by misuse, abuse, or accident and such damage shall be construed as a breach of the warranty contract.
Transportation costs for replacement parts and labour costs for repair or replacement are excluded from the warranty.
Boranup Gallery is not liable for fading, natural aging of the timber or fabric, non-structural defects in the timber, naturally occurring timber features and surface checking.
Boranup Gallery shall not be liable for, and specifically excludes, any claims caused directly or indirectly by any event or matter beyond its control, including incidental, consequential or contingent damages suffered as a result of the use of the furniture, a breach of this written warranty or any implied warranty.

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